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Create a virtual account for easier reconciliation and start collecting payments from your customers.

Virtual Accounts

Simple straight forward way to create accounts for each of your customers. Share the virtual account to your customers for collecting the payment.Now you can easily identify the payments from your beloved customers.

Who can use it?
  • If you run a Business where your clients make periodic payments
  • Educational institutions who need to collect fees from their students
  • Do you collect utility bills from your customers. You could create virtual accounts for your customers and you can easily track their payments


Similar to standing instructions that are given for your EMI repayments.

  • You will need to collect mandates from your customers from whom you need to collect money periodically.
  • The mandate include basic information like Collection period,Amount to be auto debited from the customers account and approval to debit the money from their account etc.,
  • Once these mandates are approved , you will be ready to collect money from your customers.
Who can use it?
  • If your business involve Recurring payments
  • Loan collections


Safe , Secure and Simple Payment method.


There are 2 types of QR method of Payments

  • Static QR - A QR is generated once for your business , where in the customer need to key in the price and make payment.
  • Dynamic QR - The QR is generated for every purchase, where the amount is prefilled based on the purchase and the customer makes the payment directly.