What is Ecopayouts?

A product of AZYPAY Payments is one of the easiest and quickest automated solution in the market for collecting and dispatching payments.


Ecopayouts was designed based on input from different walks of Merchants and thier interests.The Application flexes to your Need!


The application can be used to suit your Business need.You can always let us know your use case if you need any customisations to suit you and that help others at the same time.

Automated Settlements

Powerful automation drives settlement making it seamless and continuous. Our conecept - Configure once, use for ever.

Collection System

Create unlimited users and sub-users to easily faciliate payment collections for your business.

Inbuilt Tracking

Track the status of your payments and settlementns with just a click of a button. Verify payment status, settlement status and more.

Split Settlement (Beta)

Got vendors? Use our powerful split settlement to initiate split settlements to multiple vendors at one go. No more audit complications. We got it covered!