Features & Overviews

Easy Integration

Easily integrate your website with us be it a plugin or a code. We have an excellent documentation support.

Quick Refunds

Refunds are real quick with just once click from the dashboard so your customers are always happy.

Buyer Protection

We cover you up with our strong shield in-case of any hiccups for you to focus on your business without any hassles.


Split Settlements

With our powerful routing algorithm you can focus on your business and leave the hassles of money movement to us.

Online Invoicing

Generate your invoice online with our super simple dashboard with just few simple clicks. That's really super easy!


Grow your business by collecting payments online with our Simple yet robust products and services.


Routing Settlements

We work hard and bring in ideas to run your business smoothly. Because business has lots of thorny hurdles. One such problem most of our business patrons face is multiple settlements to their vendors.Routing is one feature Azypay provides to you to streamline your settlements to your vendors. Split your payments and settle them to your vendors easily.
Major Use cases are:

  • Corporate Salary Credits.
  • Cashback to Customers.
  • Instant Settlements to vendors.
  • Splitting Gain to Business.
  • Splitting to 3rd Parties.
  • Routing to Custom Wallet.

Round The Clock Support

We cannot predict all our problems. But we can be equipped to solve the unpredictabe scenarios. We are awake 24x7 just to help you with any query , clarifications and issues that you are facing during with your payments. We have technical Experts who can help Developers integrating your online portals with us. We have happiness Engineers for customer support who can keep you happy helping with your queries and clarifications

  • WhatsApp Support.
  • Inbuild Live Chat.
  • Corporate Email Support.
  • Robust Ticketing.

International Payment

Finding it difficult to process international payments in your business?
Set aside all your worries related to International Payments. Yes, Azypay provides you with a system to operate international Payments to put an end to all your worries relating to International Payments. You can easily integrate your application with Azyay and start receiving Payments round the globe.

Get your settlements in Indian Currency from All over the World.

Security & Compliance

Certification and Compliance is the heart. Azypay is PCI-DSS compliant & certified online payment gateway & Payment processor with 128-bit encryption. RBI regulations compliant.

  • PCI-DSS Certified
  • RBI Approved
  • 128-bit Encryption
  • 3-D Secured